Aiming at efficient utilization of renewable energies
- wind, water, solar -

Yuji Ohya
CEO of Riamwind Co. Ltd.
Professor of Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Kyushu University


For dissemination of renewable energy

  • How to improve the efficiency
  • How to lower the cost
  • How to stabilize the supply
  • How to be accepted by the society and environments
  • Improve the performance of RE individual devices
  • Integrated utilization of RE devices
  • Different and new concepts which meet the new technology society based on (4E+S)
4E + S ⇒ Efficiency, Economy, Environment, Ethicality and Safety

Two ways toward renewable energy society

1 Large contribution in amount to RE society
 (Very large WTs & big wind farms & big solar farms)
2 Social acceptability and new concept for new energy society
 ( ex. Mid- and Small-size WTs and its clustering)
 ( ex. Agriculture-harmonious or Fishery-harmonious)
Concept of our research
Small is profitable and Nature-harmonious
Realization of distributed energy society