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High-efficiency wind power generation by fusion effect of wind collecting lens and multi-rotor

We have obtained international patents for "wind lens technology" and the vortex formation principle of the brim. The vortex generated by the wind lens forms a lower pressure area behind the wind turbine, further increasing the flow drawn into the wind turbine, thereby generating 2-3 times more power than a conventional wind turbine with the same rotor diameter. In the case of multi-lens wind turbines, the flow interference between the lenses increases the amount of power generated by 10 - 20% over the total output of each unit.


Quiet wind turbine with reduced wind turbine noise

Conventional wind turbines have an aerodynamic noise problem. The wind collector itself suppresses blade edge vortices, which are a source of noise, to achieve excellent quietness. 20 dB less noise at the base of the tower compared to a 100 kW lens wind turbine and a normal wind turbine of the same size, which makes it possible to install the turbine in a more accessible location.


Selecting a suitable site based on the advanced wind prediction model RIAM-COMPACT®

In order to take advantage of the performance of wind turbines, it is essential to forecast wind conditions (micrositing) with a high degree of accuracy in advance. We always forecast the annual average wind speed before installing a wind turbine. We determine whether the wind conditions are suitable for the practical use of wind turbines. In the first step, we use several tools (e.g. GPV, VORTEX, etc.) to get an idea of the conditions. The next step is to calculate wind conditions for urban areas and complex terrain, as shown in the figure on the right, in order to pinpoint favorable wind conditions.


Highly landscaped and flexible structure

The soft image created by the diffuser "rings" surrounding the blades does not detract from the landscape, and is easily blended into the surrounding scenery. It also helps birds and other animals to recognize the wind turbine as a structure, which helps prevent bird strikes. The height of the wind turbine is approximately 13m to 20m, making it easy to install in places where large wind turbines cannot be installed. In the structure of the multi-rotor lens wind turbine, free designing is possible.


Made in Japan with high safety

Lens wind turbines are structurally designed with safety as the first priority, and are manufactured under quality control in Japan. In addition, our wind turbines have a unique control system that controls and stops operation even in emergency situations such as wind storms.

Lens wind turbine explained in video

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